You Pick Strawberries in Rochester, NY

The 2015 Strawberry Season will Open in Mid-June.

Today's Date: Wednesday 27-May-2015 21:44:13 EDT

Each of our strawberry varieties has been selected for exceptional strawberry flavor, large size, deep red color and traditional shape.

Our strawberries are great for fresh eating, dipping in chocolate, strawberry short cake, pie (fresh & cooked), jam making and freezing.

Day Neutral or Everbearing Strawberries are available throughout the late summer and early fall months. They are exceptionally sweet and juicy. The fall Strawberry season generally lasts 3 months.

For best storage keep the berries you pick refrigerated.

As with all produce, always wash before use.

Summer strawberry season usually lasts 3 to 4 weeks. The length of the season depends on the amount of heat and rain received. If it is hot and/or rainy it will be shorter than if it is cool and dry.

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